Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Let Your Vote Go To The Dogs

Frequently there's legislation related to animals up for a vote. Sadly, here in Central Arkansas the "pit bull" breed, along with "pit mixes" are outright banned in many cities and killed in large numbers simply because of the way they look. It doesn't matter how great their temperament, it doesn't matter if they love people, dogs, and cats..... but because they look a certain way, they are deemed "less than" and are killed in staggering numbers. 

Here at Rock City Rescue, we have quite a few pit bulls and other breeds that have been deemed "dangerous" in the past. We love the underdogs. They have a special place in our heart because we know how insanely amazing they truly are and we pity anyone who looks at our Pit Bulls or Chows and reacts in fear, or even worse, disgust. 

Aurora, Colorado voters will soon decide whether to keep or repeal the city's 2006 pit bull ban, and it could be the most controversial issue on the ballot in that city. We're asking that If you live in Aurora, CO make sure you are voting YES to 2D on Nov 4th!!
Aurora's vote, the first in the nation on a general-election ballot, could presage other public votes on so-called "breed-specific legislation," laws that either ban some types of dogs or require they be sterilized.  This can be a passionate issue on both sides, but please don't engage in Internet debates, especially with haters. It's counterproductive and plays into the drama they are trying to create. If you want to be heard, then vote and get others to join you. For people that can't vote, responsible pit bull owners like us can show our support by posting pictures of us with our good dogs on our profiles followed by ‪#‎coloradogs‬ and ‪#‎mollywouldbanmetoo.
Let's light up FB with a bunch of great people and great dogs!

Aurora, the eyes of the nation are upon you. What you choose to do on November 4th can dramatically chance the landscape of legislation regarding pit bulls, so please, make the right choice.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

What's Behind Rescuers That People Don't See

Just because we rescue animals doesn't mean we sit by the phone waiting for it to ring so that we can jump up and save the next dog or cat in need.

Just because we rescue animals doesn't mean that we have more time and money than the next person.

Just because we rescue animals doesn't mean that we can perform miracles and turn that horribly aggressive or horribly abused dog around into beautiful family dogs like they were born to be.
Sometimes we can't save the dog and the outcome isn't the outcome we all dream about.
What people don't see about animal rescuers is:
A house that needs cleaned
Laundry that needs done
Bills that need to be paid
A full time job that is extremely demanding
Errands that have to be run
Our own animals that take the back seat to all the animals in need
Our family who takes a back seat to all the animals in need
Health issues, either ours or a member of our family
Financial struggles
Cars that need oil changes, new tires, etc.
Dentist appointments
Doctor appointments
The lawn that needs mowed
The friend's wedding we are in
The baby shower we're planning
The close family member or friend who has passed away

We are JUST LIKE YOU!!! The only difference is we have an overwhelming calling that we can't ignore to help those who can't help themselves. So when someone calls and says "COME AND GET THIS DOG NOW," that means we are leaving our significant other sitting alone in a restaurant with a 1/2 eaten meal in the empty seat next to them while we rush to help whatever animal needs us next.

That means we have to NOT piss off our paying job by finding someone to help while we are at work and then RUSH out of work right at 5pm to step in. It means that we don't get our laundry done, we don't get our house as clean as we want it, we don't eat dinner until 10pm at night and we go to work tired the next day. All because we have to COME RIGHT NOW!

And to top it all off WE ARE NOT PAID ONE DIME! NOT ONE CENT! And, in the long run we usually lose more money than some people make in a year!

So the next time you are angry because a rescue person can't help, or needs help, or the outcome of an animal that you donated money to doesn't come out with a fairytale ending that you hoped for stop and think COULD YOU DO WHAT WE DO?

I've heard people complain, "Oh, that poor dog shouldn't be in a kennel for 8 hours a day while the foster is at work or that dog shouldn't be in a foster home for so long; it should already be in a forever home". Think of it this way. Someone sacrificed A LOT so that "poor" animal could be there, alive! And NO it isn't perfect, but it is temporary and necessary.
The alternative is certain death....Which do you think the dog would prefer?

(Adapted from an Animal Anarchy Rescue's FB post)


Sunday, October 5, 2014

4 Simple Ways You Can Help A Dog Find A Forever Family

Four Simple Ways You Can Help a Dog Find a Forever Family

Even if you can't foster or volunteer, there are still ways you can help rescues like us out!

  • Buy an extra bag of food, treats, or a toy for rescue – many stores have a bin to collect donations for rescue; it doesn’t have to be a lot, just what you can afford. We frequent Hollywood Feed in North Little Rock, AR and they would be happy to hold on to donations for us, OR we also have things listed on our Amazon Wishlist
  • Donate old towels and blankets to rescue – towels, blankets, comforters, etc. are ALWAYS in need at our rescue. 
  • Share images of adoptable dogs on social media – I’m not talking about all the horror stories you see frequently on Facebook, I’m referring to the ones that help a dog find a home. Sharing our dog's photo albums can help tremendously in finding them forever homes. 
  • Inquire about sponsoring an event to promote rescue – Any help we can get in setting up events and fundraisers helps us out greatly!