Sunday, December 3, 2017

2017 The Twelve Pets Of Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shelter,

The Twelve Pets of Christmas were in need of a helper.

For although these Twelve Pets have so much to offer,

These groups are ignored when it comes to adopters.

Princess:  Female, Tabby, Approx 1.5-2 years old

Group One is adult cats, aged nine months and up.

Why adopt only kittens? They’re cute, but grow up!

Fully grown cats need forever homes too,

Could one of these cats make its new home with you?

Guinness: Male, Lab mix, approx 1.5 years old

The next group of pets (and this one astounds):

Big, lovable dogs weighing forty-plus pounds.

A cuddly pooch you can squeeze on and hug -

Couldn’t your family welcome an affable lug?

Maize:  Female, American Pit Bull Terrier mix, 2 years old

Group Three is made up of the much-maligned pitties.

(I know one named Rufus with a soft spot for kitties!)

“Pit Bull” type breeds can make loving pets too,

Why not meet one yourself – see if they’re right for you?

From left: Missandei (Female, 1 yr), Sampson (Male, 2 yrs), and Maize (Female, 2 yrs old). 

The next group of pets – give a shout-out (or yelp!)

Have some medical needs that require some help.

Just a pinch extra care (and sometimes a head cone),

Please, give them a pill and throw them a bone!

Archer: Male, Lab mix, approx 4-5 years old

Oldies but goodies – pray, how old are you?

People are ageist towards older pets, too.

Though a pet may be older, there’s still love to give,

Take a senior pet home with your old self to live!

Archer: Male, Lab mix, approx 4-5 years old

The pets in Group Six are a bit – ahem – plump.

Who among us does not have some junk in the trunk?

If you haven’t gone big, you may as well try it –

Adopt a plump pet – you can both start a diet!

From left to right: Aries and Riley (Male, Poodles, 8 yrs), Josephine + Peter Rabbit (mother and son), Arwen + Rosie (females, 3.5 yrs old)

Two adorable pets are better than one.

Our next group of pets is double the fun!

Bonded pairs that want only to be kept together,

Can you give them a home that will last them forever?

Stormy: Female, Tabby, 1-2 years old, still semi-feral and would probably do great as a barn cat

Kitties with sass, dogs with raw puppy power,

Are first to be picked before a wallflower.

Pets in the shelter who act bashful and quiet,

Once settled at home can be quite a riot!

Hilaro:  Female, Not quite a Chihuahua mix (lol), but close enough, approx 2 years old

The pets that make up Group Nine may surprise ya.

They’re dogs, not accessories – aye Chihuahua!

Such cute little pups to be left all alone,

Can’t you take one or two or three of them home?

Sampson:  Male, Lab/Chesapeake mix, approx 2 years old

The next group of pets is happiest single.

Not suited to other pets’ party and mingle.

Much better for you, you will bond that much quicker,

Take an ‘only pet’ home; be like thieves, only thicker.

Fiona: Femle, Domestic Shorthair, approx 1.5 years old

Group Eleven is made up of pets that are black.

Hard for me to believe - I have a whole pack!

Black pets are so handsome and shiny and sleek,

Why not adopt one for each day of the week?

Missandei:  Feale, Lab mix, approx 1 year old

The Twelfth Group of pets, through no fault of their own,

Have had longer than average waits for a home.

They sit and they sit and they wait, wait, wait, wait.

Go ahead, go and meet – fall in love! It is fate!


So this Holiday Season, won’t you please share the love,

With one or more groups of pets mentioned above?

Let’s all spread the word of these under-served pets,

And make 2018 the most hopeful year yet!

Throughout December,

all pets that fall under the 12 Pets of Christmas categories will have reduced adoption fees.

Spread the word and share on social media using:

@rockcityrescue | #12PetsXmas

Happy Holidays from all of us at

Rock City Rescue!